T-Vest Introduction

The T-Vest is an innovative solution to the traditional shoulder holster. The T-Vest presents an opportunity for the carrier to choose their comfort level with our universal adjustment system. The T-Vest is fully ambidextrous allowing you to carry on either or both sides of the chest. The T-Vest also features a patent pending magnetic retention system inside of the pistol housing that keeps your firearm holstered during activities such as hiking, motorcycling, biking, jogging or walking your dog. Our durable holstering system allows for efficient draws, safe holstering and most of all extreme comfort.

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American Made & Bradley Compliant

The T-Vest is proudly manufactured in the United States by our honored Veterans, Wounded Warriors and Individuals with physical and mental disabilities. We use state of the art AI technology to assist our team with the manufacturing process. This technology ensures high quality products and speedy lead times.

Purpose Driven Solution

Whether you’re in Law Enforcement, Security or an everyday Conceal Carrier, the T-Vest is a perfect fit if you are looking for comfort and reliability in an over the shoulder holster. This holstering system is manufactured with U.S made military specified 500D Nylon Cordura fabric that is sure to stand the test of time. With 2 years of research and development with the help of Military Engineering we are pleased to present to you the T-Vest. The comfortable carry solution!

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Our Purpose

Our purpose was to create a product that offers a concealed carry alternative for anyone needing to carry over the shoulder without uncomfortable suspender style strapping, belt clips or bulky hardware that could cause lopsided weight distribution. Our system is minimalistic in design but lavish in utilization. Whether you’re carrying the pistol housing, utility pouch or both, you will find that our system serves its purpose.

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T-Vest Installation Instructions

For assistance with your installation please feel free to call us at (540) 547-1744

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