About Us

The Beginning:

The Journey of Leo Damone began with a young man from Virginia’s dream of designing fashion as a way of self expression. Understanding at an early age that there was also a calling to inspire, that young man set out on a quest to bring forth his vision. With limited resources and very few role models in the fashion field, he knew it wouldn’t be easy.

The Journey:

There are times in life where we stray away from our purpose because alternate paths seem easier, more convenient, more comfortable or more fitting. However, once a lion strays into the wilderness he is amongst the beast and is forced to survive in that environment. It was during this “wilderness experience” when a passion for firearms was developed. A passion for fashion & firearms in conjunction with a purpose to inspire presented the perfect ingredients for the Leo Damone platform.

The Manifestation:

After 20 years of growth, development, trial and error, life’s struggles and relentless hours of perfecting his craft, the dream of creating a brand that would serve as a resource for the community and form of expression was born.

Leo (Lion) Damone (Tamer; or To Tame)

“If one seeks to tame a lion he must first understand the mentality of the lion and in a sense become the lion” ~ Leo Damone

Fashion & Firearms

Our fashion & firearms merge is sparked by our featured patent pending product called the “T-Vest”. The T-Vest is an over the shoulder holstering system designed to carry firearms, medical supplies, extra magazines and other personal items. The T-Vest is the perfect compliment to our family firearm safety training. The opportunity to teach firearm safety to new and prospective firearm owners and offer an additional carry option is our contribution to the firearms community!

Connect With Us

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