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Join us for our introductory class and downloadable Ebook, “3 Things Everyone Should Know About Personal Safety,” offered by the Leo Damone Training Academy. At the end of this class, you will gain crucial insights into Conflict Avoidance, Conflict Resolution Options, and the Legal Responsibilities of protecting your safety.

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Leo Damone Training Academy

Welcome to the Leo Damone Training Academy where we empower you to feel more comfortable, build confidence and ensure your preparedness. Our unique and impactful approach blends practical safety skills with solid principles, allowing you to develop knowledge and abilities that aid you on your safety journey.

Our training is ideal for individuals who care about their personal safety as well as community groups, nonprofit organizations, corporate entities, religious organizations and retail/hospitality management personnel.

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Personal Safety Program

The Leo Damone Training Academy offers a comprehensive personal protection program structured into two main courses: Risk Mitigation and Responsibility Development, spanning six key classes.

Risk Mitigation Course

Discover the Power of Peace and Awareness with our comprehensive Risk Mitigation Course, aimed to significantly decrease your chances of being in a conflict. Whether you’re a student dealing with bullying, a parent looking to protect your family, a professional in a high-stress environment, or simply someone who values personal safety, this course is tailored to help you develop a calm demeanor, a clear head, and the controlled behavior needed to face any situation with compassion and competence.

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Responsibility Development Course

Elevate your ability to respond to danger with our Responsibility Development Course. Whether you’re a homeowner seeking to secure your sanctuary, someone exploring self-defense options, or a new firearm owner prioritizing safety, this course provides the essential tools and knowledge you need to feel more comfortable, confident and prepared.

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Our Credentials 

We Are Certified By:

The NRA & Official Partners With The USCCA

We are also Damsel In Defense Educators

As a USCCA instructor and Official Partner we bring trusted expertise and comprehensive training to your doorstep, backed by one of the nationals leading providers of safety training and education.

Being an NRA instructor signifies a commitment to excellence in education and advocacy, ensuring that you receive top-tier training and a strong foundation in safety and responsibility.

Here's What Our Clients Are Saying About Our Training

I was a little apprehensive at first but Montana and the other trainers made us feel at ease. It was a very informative and fun-filled experience. Looking forward to the next event!

Natina Davis / Google Review

I have taken a Concealed Carry class and experienced the shooting range with Montana and others at Leo Damone! Excellent training! Recommend highly!❤️ 

Bebe Jones / Google Review

I had a great experience in the Concealed Carry & Home Defense Fundamentals course. Montana is a great instructor. He is very professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend.

Danny Sumner / Google Review

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